CTAG Virtual Workshops 2024/25

The CTAG team holds a number of workshops every year. The topics are diverse and can cover email security, the latest vulnerabilities, the dark web or simply events for networking.

See below for our latest workshop line ups. Click on the links to register or contact us if you have any questions.

zED - baselining your peers and suppliers email

zED, a point product/tool, directly addresses a question that came from the WARPs about how public sector organisations can assess the risks (email hygiene) of their peers and suppliers, amongst recent new features is the checking if a domain meets the NHS DBC1596 secure email standard, as well as proven reporting on SPF, DMARC and the MTA-STS standards.

zED checks TLS and DNS records of any domains you wish to have checked, to ascertain your exposure to risk via email from your peers and suppliers.

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6th June 2024 -

17th September 2024 -

Securing your email domain

This session will be limited to a maximum of six domain names or organisations, however more than one person from each organisation can attend. The purpose of each workshop is to drill down on each domain name, understanding where are on the email security journey that organisation is and help to identify what the next best steps would be. To do this successfully, it is important that the attendee understands the above and is comfortable communicating this on the call to peers.

To assist with the session, the zED scanner will be used to produce a RAG rating for each workshop attendee domain, which will contain the TLS, SPF and DMARC detail (as well as MTA-STS).

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19th July 2024 -

18th October 2024 -


This presentation has a heritage, in so much as it predates the active interest in MTA-STS by NCSC and Mail Check by over a year, and covers in a “cookbook” format how to set up MTA-STS and what can go wrong. This popular presentation has been used by many organisation on their adoption of the MTA-STS standard.

MTA-STS is a standard already in use by many major email systems including the NCSC as well about an increasing number of councils up and down the country.

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22nd May 2024 -

21st November 2024 -

Ransomware & The Dark Web

Join us for this constantly evolving session where we review the impacts of ransomware on UK Publc sector and how hacker gangs are going about their business on the dark web.

3rd July 2024 -

11th September 2024 -

11th December 2024 -

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